A new exploit for Crossword puzzle is a new exploit

Exploiting Crossword puzzles is getting a lot of attention.

The latest exploit, which targets a specific Crossword-style puzzle, was discovered by researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University.

The problem, according to researchers, is that the exploit can be used to run arbitrary code in the browser.

While the exploit is only limited to the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari, it does not seem to be limited to other browsers either.

Researchers have yet to determine how the exploit works, and they say it is possible to bypass the sandbox and gain control over the vulnerable system.

While Google has offered some fixes to the Crossword exploit in the past, there has been little in the way of action taken to protect users from the exploit.

The exploit can also be used as a way to steal credentials, according the researchers.

Researchers say they found the exploit through an analysis of a Crossword game using a “sophisticated technique” that would allow attackers to execute arbitrary code within the browser without prompting.

“This exploit is similar to a crossword puzzle exploit we found last year, and the exploit in this exploit appears to be similar to an exploit we discovered last year in the popular puzzle game GoFish,” the researchers said in a blog post published Tuesday.

“The Crossword games in this example are popular in Europe, and we also saw similar exploit-like techniques in the GoFish games.

These exploit-based attacks appear to be targeted at vulnerable web applications, like a browser sandbox, a server, or a network stack, and could also be applied to non-secure or non-critical systems.”

Google has patched the vulnerability in the last few weeks.

However, the researchers note that Google is still not offering any new fixes to address the issue.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Google has fixed the exploit with an update.

Last month, Google released an update that contained fixes for the exploit, but did not address the sandbox.

In a blog posted Tuesday, Google noted that it was working on improving the security of its sandbox.

Google has yet to issue any new patches for the vulnerability.