Amazon’s exploit of workers exposed on video

A video showing the alleged exploitation of girls in Amazon warehouses has sparked outrage in Canada.

The video shows workers at a warehouse in Ontario taking turns to strip off, shower and feed a female employee before putting her to work.

The workers also urinate on her and masturbate, according to the video posted on YouTube on Monday.

Amazon said in a statement it is “deeply disappointed” by the video, which it says “reveals serious misconduct that goes beyond our standards of conduct.”

“The company has already taken action and has issued a public apology, and we will continue to take action to improve our processes and training for our employees and their families,” the company said in the statement.

“We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing workplace, and this video is no different.”

The video was taken in June, but has only recently been shared on social media.

The Toronto Star reported in November that Amazon employees had been “forced to use dirty towels, eat food that contained feces, urinate in a toilet and masturbated in front of their female colleagues.”

The workers said in their statement that they were “treated like garbage” and “slapped and slapped and slapped,” adding they were forced to strip and shower, and that they had been denied breaks to get to the restroom.

The Star reported that the video had been viewed nearly 300,000 times as of Monday morning.

In its statement, Amazon said the workers had been provided with an apology from Amazon, but that “as an independent contractor who had no control over their actions, they did not feel comfortable disclosing their identity to us, and did not want their employers to know.”

“As a result, we are no longer willing to confirm their identity and are providing them with an online statement of apology.”

The Star also reported that Amazon has launched an investigation into the video.

It said that Amazon had taken steps to address concerns raised by the workers.

The company has since taken steps such as “providing a safe and nurturing workplace,” according to its statement.

Amazon is also investigating how it vetted its workers and employees of its other brands.

It has said it will conduct a full review of its processes and practices, and is reviewing the video for possible additional lessons learned.

Amazon has also said it is working with the Canadian Children’s Aid Society, as well as the Toronto Humane Society, to address the issue.

Amazon Canada said in its statement that it was aware of the video and “is working with our partners in the local Humane Society to address this situation.”

The Toronto Humane society said in an email that it has “worked closely with Amazon Canada to address issues surrounding this incident and is committed to making our own recommendations for changes to our processes to prevent future incidents like this.”