How Fortnite will change the way you play online games

The popular multiplayer shooter game for PC, Xbox and PS4 has been in the headlines lately due to the widespread security issues that have been plaguing the game since it was released last November.

Now, the developers behind Fortnites have responded to those concerns, with the release of the latest patch.

The game has seen several security flaws recently, which have made it extremely difficult for players to continue playing without the game’s exploit kit, known as the Fortnits patch.

Since then, the game has been heavily patched and now, the FortNits patch is available to all players.

The patch includes new gameplay elements that make the game more enjoyable, including new character customization, new skills, new maps, new gear, and new achievements.

The Fortnited community is now also able to use their Fortnit accounts to log in to the game, as well as to test their skills.

According to Fortniti, the patches will go live today, September 12th.