‘The truth is, we love our fans’

The latest edition of “The Truth Is,” a new series that celebrates Fox Sports’ top personalities and personalities in sports, is out now.

Here’s a rundown of who’s who in the “Truth Is” cast:The host: Chris Berman and his crew are the biggest sports fans in the world, and they know it.

The duo was on the show earlier this year, and Berman said it was their first appearance together.

Berman and company had a fun time interviewing the host of “Monday Night Football” and “Sunday Night Football,” as well as former NFL player and current ESPN personality Josh Bynes.

They were joined on the panel by ESPN president John Skipper, former NFL linebacker and current CBS Sports analyst Chris Spielman, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

Berman also had a conversation with ESPN’s own Jim Rome, who is known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial opinions.

Berman said he and his co-hosts were surprised by how much they loved their fans.

He said, “When you talk about our fans, we get the most incredible response.

And when we talk about it, we’re not going to take it lightly.

I think that’s one of the reasons we love the fans so much, is because we’re fans of the game and we love that passion.”

The hosts also discussed the NFLPA’s contract negotiations, and how the union has changed over the years, with Berman telling “Fox Sports Live” he hopes that the union will be able to reach a deal to keep its current players and coaches.

“It is absolutely ridiculous that a league with millions of dollars in the bank and millions of employees, with players and coaching and the entire staff, can’t even get an extension and they’re only being paid $5,000 a year,” Berman said.

“And I think this is the most unfair thing they’ve ever done.

This is the one thing I wish they would just give up and give up on the players.

And I think we’re going to get it done.”

The panelists:Former NFL linebacker Josh Binks said he is a “real fan” of the sport, and that he was “excited” to be in the program, “but it’s not just me.”

He said he had a great time with the show, which he described as “really funny, I love it.”

“It’s been really fun to be a part of this,” he said.

The host of the show: “Monday Nitro” host and former Packers linebacker Josh Sitton was joined by former NFL cornerback and current “Monday Morning Quarterback” host Mike Francesa to talk about his experience with the NFL.

Francesa is an NFL analyst who was the anchor of the team’s “Monday Ticket” broadcasts in 2016 and 2017.

He’s known for saying the same things he said during the “Monday Nights” and NFL Network broadcasts.

He also made a few comments about the NFL’s handling of players’ domestic violence allegations against former Packers running back Eddie Lacy, and his opinion on whether the league should have fired the Green Bay Packers’ head coach.

Francesas said that he’s not surprised by the controversy that’s been brought up around Lacy’s case, saying that he thought that Lacy “was being unfairly treated” and that it’s “not about the man, it’s about the system.”

“You know, the league has a history of trying to be fair,” he told “Fox & ESPN.”

“The only person that’s really been fair to Eddie has been the league,” he added.

“I don’t think there’s any one person who’s been fair, because I think all of these guys in this locker room that are saying he’s being unfairly mistreated.

The truth is we love all our fans.”

The hosts: Former NFL linebacker Mike Daniels was joined on “The Fox &amp ;amp;amp” show by former Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell and former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Both players were in the room to talk to the hosts, and Maxwell talked about how he thinks the “Fox” and ESPN personalities have “overblown” their sports careers.

“There’s a lot of people that have a great career in sports,” he explained.

“But you can’t be in it to win it, you have to be there to win the money.”

Maxwell said that the NFL has been a “very good employer,” and that his former team is “one of the best organizations in sports.”

“The NFL has had great coaches, great GMs,” he continued.

“They’ve had great players and great coaches.”

The panelists also discussed their favorite sports moments of the past decade, including a recent NFL game where they were joined by Detroit Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson.

The hosts : “Fox and ESPN” host Jemele Hill and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler were joined in studio by former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.