Edward Snowden’s mom’s ‘takedown’ video sparks outrage over censorship

An edgy, anti-censorship video has gone viral after it was uploaded to YouTube by an anonymous user claiming to be the mother of Snowden.

The video, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times, shows Edward Snowden sitting in front of a screen reading from an article he had written on the internet about the NSA surveillance programs.

Snowden, who was caught up in a US warrantless wiretapping scandal, has repeatedly defended his actions and said he was not spying on his own mother.

“I don’t know who you are,” Snowden says in the video, before pointing out the author of the article.

“She’s a mother.

She is a human being.”

“I know she’s not lying to you, and I know she isn’t lying to me,” Snowden continues, before adding: “It’s all a big lie.

And I’m not going to let it go.”

Snowden then reveals that his mother is a woman named Susanne, who he claims is a “very powerful woman in the United States”.

Snowden, the former NSA contractor, had also previously defended his mother’s actions, saying she “didn’t really know what was going on” when she spoke with him.

“My mother is very well educated, she has very good qualifications and she’s very experienced in this field.

She was just in a situation that made her think very highly of herself,” Snowden told ABC News.

“And so, in the end, she came up with this idea, she did this very courageous thing.

She did what I thought she had to do to protect herself and her family.”

Snowden also said he would not have published the video if he had not received support from Snowden’s ex-wife, who is also a journalist.

“When she wrote the piece, she didn’t know what she was going to get.

And she said, ‘I think I’m going to give you a lot of credit, Edward Snowden,'” Susanne Snowden told the New York Times.

“So she was very supportive, and that was very helpful for me.”

Snowden is now the subject of a US Senate investigation after he was caught red-handed, and the National Security Agency (NSA) revealed that he has used a computer hack to hack into computers around the world and stole more than 30,000 documents.

The report also revealed that Snowden is not a US citizen and is believed to be living in Russia, though he has never been arrested.

The investigation into the NSA’s spying programs has drawn criticism from many rights groups, and Snowden has vowed to fight the allegations.