Obama administration: I’ll be on the front lines of defending against the exploitation of Afro-Caribbean immigrants

As President Obama considers how to combat the exploitation that is happening to the AfroCaribbeans and other immigrants, I am proud to have the White House on my side.

That is why I am committed to defending and protecting the rights of the Afros, the people who are the true beneficiaries of America’s prosperity and prosperity of the future.

And this is what I will do as President.

And it’s why I have the support of the president, and it’s also why I will work to end the exploitation and the abuse of Afros in America.

We have seen it, and we will not let it happen.

I will not stand by as Afros are exploited, and I will end the abuses.

We will make sure that no one is forced to live in fear.

We are going to stop the exploitation, and if you are an Afros person and you are being exploited, you have my support.

You can get in touch with me anytime.

I can be reached at [email protected]  or by calling me at 202-442-4822.