When Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott make the cut, Arsenal fans will be ecstatic

In theory, the Arsenal squad should be one of the favourites to win the Premier League title this season.

The Gunners have been so dominant this season, even though they have conceded a league-high 11 goals, that the top six teams in the table will be left in no doubt about who they are and what they are capable of.

Arsenal have conceded more than 50 goals in each of the last five seasons, the last time they did it was in 2014-15.

They have also allowed an average of just one goal per game this season and have scored more goals than they have taken away.

So, what does Arsenal need to do to keep pace with the rest of the table?

Well, Arsenal’s defence is not doing a great job of holding up against the better teams.

They are conceding the most goals per game, with an average goal difference of minus-0.8 goals per 90 minutes, just three points above the bottom three sides.

That is why Arsenal have conceded the most against top-four sides this season with eight.

However, the midfield is the key to their success.

The Gunners are conceded just four goals per match against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

This is where the rest comes in.

Arsenal are a team who, when they are in the game, are usually a good side.

Their defence is good, their midfield is good and their attack is good.

When they are not playing, they are always looking to score goals.

Last season they scored just three goals in 10 games and this season they have scored an average (minus-1.8) of seven goals per 100 minutes.

Their defence has also improved dramatically, as they are now the top-ranked team in the league in terms of interceptions.

In the last two seasons, they had one interception per game.

They now have two per game for the first time in their history.

Their midfield is also better, as Theo Walcot is no longer an attacking midfielder, but instead a playmaker, a midfielder who is capable of playing in multiple positions.

Arsenal are also now better at keeping possession of the ball, allowing just one shot per game and allowing only seven shots on target per game compared to last season.

This should help Arsenal improve their possession and keep them in the top four places.

Theres one thing that is missing from Arsenal’s team that they were missing last season and that is creativity.

Wenger was quick to point out that he wanted Arsenal to be more creative than last season, with a lack of possession and a lack in goalscoring chances.

This season, however, the team is playing more possession and scoring more goals, but their attack has been a disaster.

In fact, last season Arsenal’s attacks were average (average goal difference: minus-1), with Arsenal conceding a goal every 15.9 minutes compared to just eight goals in the last ten games.

So why is Arsenal struggling to score?

Arsenal is not only conceding goals to the likes and teams in opposition defences.

They also concede goals in their own goal.

The last time Arsenal conceded goals against their own opponents was at West Ham United in the 2015-16 Premier League season.

Last season Arsenal conceded a goal each in eight of their last nine matches, a figure that is significantly lower than the league average of 21.4 per game (average difference: 17.9).

Arsenal are concedingly conceding because they are allowing goals to be scored and are not creating chances.

They concede a goal once every 3.4 shots on goal, which is the lowest figure in the Premier and the second lowest in the Champions League.

Arsenal also concede a lot of goals in transition, where they are unable to get a shot on target, and this has affected the team’s possession and the team goalscored total.

Last year Arsenal conceded 1.19 goals per minute, the third lowest figure, after Manchester City (1.24) and Tottenham Hotspurs (1).30 goals per 30 minutes.

That is the second-highest figure in Premier League history, behind only Manchester United (1,3).

Last season, Arsenal conceded just nine goals in 15 games, the lowest number in the previous seven seasons.

This year, they have just one game in 11 (nine) games that Arsenal have scored and conceded, the fewest in the entire Premier League.

That does not mean they have to concede, though.

Arsene Wenger has always said that they should not concede, but he did say that they would never concede in a competitive match.

This season, they will never concede.

This means that they are scoring at the right time, as Arsenal have been able to score at will this season after their attacking midfielders have been deployed well.

Their attacking midfield players, who can also play in different positions, have been crucial in helping Arsenal to score against teams in other leagues, including Manchester City, Chelsea