‘Umbraco’ Exploit ‘The Unauthorized User’ Could Allow Anyone to Take Control of Your Mac and Linux systems

Microsoft has released a new exploit that can be used to take control of any Mac or Linux system on your network.

The Microsoft Office suite is vulnerable to the new exploitation technique, known as Umbraco, which can be exploited through a tool called Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity tools designed to help organizations collaborate, organize and manage information and data.

Umbracos are a type of vulnerability that allows attackers to bypass sandboxing, restrict access to data, and gain control over a system.

The latest vulnerability is known as CVE-2017-7159, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the vulnerability was discovered by security researchers at Microsoft Research in 2014.

Microsoft Research published a report about Umbracca earlier this year, which also said the exploit can be deployed on a variety of platforms.

The vulnerability is not currently publicly known.

“The vulnerability in question affects a vulnerability that has been publicly disclosed and publicly fixed since early 2017, but Microsoft Research has not yet reported the exploit or released the exploit in a public state,” Microsoft said.

The company said that the new exploit, which it dubbed the Umbraca exploit, “will allow a remote attacker to compromise a Mac or PC running Microsoft Office 2016 or later.”

The Microsoft researchers were able to exploit the vulnerability by taking control of a machine that had a copy of the Microsoft Office installation.

“Remote attackers could then take control over that machine, either by using the local administrator account or the credentials of a trusted user,” Microsoft explained in a security advisory.

Microsoft added that the Umbacos exploit is not particularly difficult to exploit.

The researchers said that Microsoft Security Essentials, a free software suite, was the best way to exploit Umbracanas.

“A simple Windows or Mac app is enough to exploit this vulnerability, and it only requires an administrator account on the affected system,” the researchers wrote.

Microsoft has issued two patches to address the vulnerability.

The first patch is called Microsoft Security Edge, which Microsoft says should address the issue by March 31.

The second patch is a patch called Microsoft Windows Security Essences, which is currently not yet available.

Microsoft did not say how it planned to deploy these patches.

The new exploit also does not require a reboot, Microsoft said, adding that the software is designed to work with the Office suite.

The vulnerabilities have been identified as CVEs-2017, and are now known as MS14-046.

Microsoft is urging businesses to review the security updates and patches to ensure they are current.

Microsoft also announced that it would release a new version of its Microsoft Security Bulletin on Monday, and is working with security researchers to develop a patch.

Microsoft released security updates for Microsoft Office for Windows 10 and Microsoft Security Notes for Office 2016 in late March.