Which Labour MPs are caught up in child exploitation?

It has been a tough year for some Labour MPs, as a number of them have faced allegations of abuse and exploitation.

A number of MPs, including former shadow chancellor Chris Leslie, have been the subject of police investigations.

The latest allegations were made against the shadow minister for women, Jenny Jones, in an incident that took place in October last year.

Jones, who was previously shadow minister of women, has not been charged and is expected to stand again as an MP in May’s general election.

Leslie, the shadow education secretary, has been the target of abuse allegations since 2015, after the former shadow minister was caught up with a 17-year-old girl in his office.

Leslie has also been accused of taking a photograph of a young girl at the House of Commons.

Leslie denies all the allegations and has defended himself against claims of child abuse, calling them “completely false”.

Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne, Ian Austin, has also faced criticism for his alleged behaviour.

In 2016, Austin was accused of grabbing the arm of a woman while she was being questioned by police.

He later apologised and was stripped of his seat in the local election.

Labour MP, David Lammy, also faces abuse allegations, with the alleged victim claiming that he grabbed her breast while she slept on the sofa.

The Labour MP has denied any wrongdoing and has claimed he is being unfairly targeted.

On the subject, Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has defended Lammy and said that he has “absolutely no tolerance for abuse”.