How to identify and protect yourself from the latest child exploitation videos

Video footage of an adult engaging in sexual acts with a toddler in a car seat was posted to YouTube last week.

The clip, which is still showing on the internet, shows the toddler’s face being pushed down onto a seat.

The toddler, whose name has not been released, is seen wearing only a diaper and is not visible.

The video is captioned “Child’s diaper.”

A Google search for “child sex abuse” turned up only two results.

The second one was for “mama jimmy,” which has since been deleted.

The Washington Post contacted YouTube and Google for comment.

YouTube declined to comment on the video, which was posted on Feb. 13 and has been viewed nearly 17 million times.

The search terms “child porn” and “child abuse” did not return results.

The toddler’s name has been redacted.

YouTube’s YouTube page, which lists “parental controls,” says that it is committed to providing safe, reliable and up-to-date content to all users.

In response to a query from The Post, YouTube said in a statement: “The video has been removed.

We are actively investigating this situation.

As a result, we will be taking immediate action to remove this video from the site.”

The video was shared in February, but was not removed until this week.

A Google search turned up no results for “suspect child porn” in February.

The incident in the video was the latest of several such incidents in which children were abused or exploited.

In January, a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a video shared on YouTube, then later reported to police.

That case was also the subject of a Washington Post investigation.

In a Feb. 6 report, the Post detailed how child sex abuse is common in the United States.

The number of reported cases has risen by more than 20 percent since 2010, when the last year-end count was conducted.