How to avoid getting hacked

More than a million people have been targeted by hackers using a simple toolkit, which uses the Internet Explorer browser to access stolen accounts and steal passwords.

The toolkit has been dubbed the Darknet, and was discovered by security researcher Christopher Soghoian of ThreatConnect.

It is a variant of the “Darknet Market” attack used to steal credit card information from retailers.

The Darknet Market is one of a number of attack variants being used to target websites and companies in China.

A popular website for buying stolen passwords has been compromised by the Dark Net Market.

Credit: Christopher Soghani / ThreatConnectThe tool used by the malware is a standard variant of an older variant known as the Blackhole.

It was first discovered by Soghiian and his colleagues, who described it in a blog post published on Wednesday.

It’s believed that the DarkNet Market has been used to attack the websites of major banks, media organisations and government departments.

“What we’ve seen in this variant is an attack that is so complex, it could be a one-time attack or it could escalate, or it can escalate and infect a lot more people,” said Soghosian.

“It’s a big threat.

It does so much damage.””

What you do when you have this type of attack, the malware doesn’t really care about what you’re doing, it doesn’t care about the target.

It just does what it wants.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen it used in this way.””

The Darknet has been a target for some time, but not for very long,” he added.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it used in this way.”

According to the researchers, the toolkit is capable of downloading credentials from the affected websites, as well as the passwords of victims.

It then redirects the victim to a page that redirects them to a fake website, which then launches a malicious file, which it can then execute. 

“What the malware does is it looks for any compromised websites and if one is compromised, it goes to that one and injects itself,” said Brian Krebs, who runs the blog KrebsOnSecurity. 

He said the malware also uses a customised script to collect the victim’s personal information.

“We saw a lot of websites where you have passwords and credit card numbers and other sensitive data, and then you get a message saying ‘there’s been a breach, please update your password,'” Krebs said.

“And you get the same message again a few minutes later saying ‘we’re sorry, we can’t do anything because your credentials have been compromised’.”

The DarkNet market is one component of the BlackHole malware that was discovered in the US last year. 

It has been known to attack sites in China, and has also been used in attacks on the banking systems of governments and major corporations. 

A second attack, called the DarkHole2, was uncovered in March, and researchers said the BlackMarket variant was the one used in that attack. 

Krebs said it was possible that both attacks could be the work of the same group. 

The researchers said they had not seen a similar attack in the UK, but warned that the technique could be used to create malware that could spread further.

“They’re looking to do more,” said Krebs.

“We’re just seeing it in the wild.

There are still lots of sites that have been hacked.””

The way the Dark Web is designed, it’s hard to detect and hard to defend against,” said David Beasley, an expert on cyber security at the University of Surrey.

“It’s not very easy to block.”

“It could just be a botnet of a different kind,” said Kevin Beaumont, chief technology officer at security firm Trend Micro. 

Mr Beaumons group recently discovered a new variant of malware called the BlackShark, which was created to target banks. 

BlackShark was discovered after a malware researcher at the company Security Insights found it had been used by criminals to breach a large number of banks.

“These are sophisticated attacks and they are a very, very sophisticated threat, but we don’t know whether they are going to scale up or not,” said Mr BeaumONTWEET: “We know it’s not a simple attack.”

The DarkHoles exploit is one of the more complex attacks to use, according to Mr Beasley.

“This has to be the most sophisticated of the Darknets, so there is a lot to be done,” he said. 

This is not the first attack to use a variant from the Black Market, which has also targeted banks.

 It was first detected in September last year, when a hacker dubbed the “Black Shark” was able to download the credentials of the bank account of a woman in the United States, according the FBI. 

But the DarkMarket variant has been the most effective