When YouTube banned the #Edward’s #Video # exploit, it was the worst thing that could have happened to me

Edward was a YouTube star who rose to prominence after winning the Best Rapper competition in 2014.

His videos featured rapping, rapping along to the beat, and a bit of dance.

In March of this year, he was banned from the platform after a group of YouTube’s top creators took aim at the actor by calling him “a spoiled, worthless brat.”

The group’s video garnered more than 4.4 million views.

In response, Edward tweeted: “I’m still getting paid for rapping and I’m still being called a spoiled brat and a worthless brats.”

The day after the ban was announced, YouTube said it was investigating the case.

Edward responded by tweeting that the company was looking into it.

“I have to take a break from the #YouTube #EdwardsRapport but its always great to get my raps out there for people to see and hear,” he wrote.

“The fact that you dont have to listen to me is a real blessing.”

At the time, the company announced that it would review the video.

YouTube also banned the following accounts from its platform: @TheRapporter, @MannyCoxCox, @MrCoxx, @DevinDawkins, @RapperDawkin, @AmarRafael, @TheAmarB, @HannityTheShow, @Nicky_McElroy, @josephjoe_mcdonald, @todd_goldsby, @TysonBarrett, @CameronRice, @Lil_LilC, @BrettGilliam, @sarahmichael, @billy_c_smith, @johnny_sanchez, @mike_giles, @danny_johnny, @wesley_h_gilliams, @lisa_leong, @kyle_l_mackin, @the_hank_legg, @stuart_b_davies, @dan_mcgillis, @tom_paulson, @hugh_kirk, @mrjoe, @zachary_london, @thomas_dawkins and @bryan_c.